My children, 1 & 3, love to read books. I often look for very good books from acclaimed authors like Julia Donaldson, Eric Carle, Marcus Pfister, Lucy Cousins, etc. The one thing in common is that they all write English books. It's already hard to find Chinese books. So when I realized that FFJ offers not only Chinese books but EXCELLENT Chinese books, I was really excited! For starters, I bought the 小熊宝宝绘本 series. My 3 year old daughter loves all the books! She carries the entire series in a little bag and brings it into her bedroom every night so she could just flip through them on her own while waiting for me to settle my 1 year old daughter before it's her turn for bed. Recently, she had a 'I Share a Story' session in school and she memorized the entire story, '午饭', and read it to her friends. She has also learnt to recognize a few words through our nightly reading sessions. Now I am trying hard to decide what else to buy next. There are simply too many good books!
Date of Posting: 09 August 2012
Posted By: Priscilla
My 2 year old girl Qi Xuan usually has little attention span when it comes to reading books. She would flip one two pages then proceed to take other books or toys. However, I saw a huge change in her reading behaviour since I bought her the educational rabbit series 快乐认知:创新低幼认知读物(6册)under the Flip for Knowledge category. The huge colourful, attractive prints and pictures relevant to a toddler caught her attention and she started to read and flip book by book and page by page! Not only did she sit patiently to listen to me read, but she also tried reading to her soft toy rabbit and to us! Every single book is her favorite and she actually cried and refused to let me lend the books to her friend. We are very happy and grateful to see her picking up reading ever since we ordered this rabbit series for her. We have since recommended and bought the rabbit series as Birthday presents for our friend's kids. We have also ordered many other books suitable for her age from Flip for Joy to further cultivate Qi Xuan's reading passion. Thank you Flip for Joy and cheers!
Date of Posting: 29 November 2011
Posted By: Wee Pheng
This is my 2nd purchase. The first one was great - the books were of high quality and the service is excellent, so naturally I came back for more. This time round, I got <<有一天 Someday>> (a Flip for Love title) as a gift for a close friend who is due for delivery. As I flipped through the book, I almost teared because it so aptly describes someone who has dedicated her life to her children. A highly recommended book if you're thinking of a gift to friend(s) who are mothers. Even my hubby agrees and loves it. Of course, Flip for Joy's service is excellent again. The book was well wrapped and the delivery was super prompt. I will be back for more!
Date of Posting: 28 November 2011
Posted By: Su Chin
我们一家移居美国。 之前都很苦恼女儿 (12个月)的中文怎么办. 还好友人介绍我 乐翻天!

我推荐乐乐趣猜猜看系列(这个颇划算的,才 $14.90)。它轻便,文字简单易懂。 书页不易折坏,又防水,很适合晴晴这种好动的幼儿。这是晴出门上街的必备品。

我也购买了快乐动物和多元智能开发0-2岁图画百科。 快乐动物是立体的哦!

多元智能开发0-2岁图画百科 (这个也超划的!)- 我们刚让零岁那本 ’退休‘ 了。晴正在翻阅一岁那本。 :)

你们还可以送到国外,我真是 ’乐翻天‘ 了!
Date of Posting: 19 October 2011
Posted By: Julia
My older son, who is 3 years old, loves reading English books but i was never able to expose him to Chinese ones as i just could not find interesting and engaging ones that would catch his attention.

However, after purchasing books from Flip For Joy, all that has changed!! Marc is so intrigued by the books that he keeps asking me to read them to him and he never gets tired of them. I love the 乐乐趣猜猜看系列 as they are so captivating. Even my husband was fascinated by its presentation.

Another good buy is the 我的感觉系列(7册). How many chinese books out there are able to teach children how to express their feelings and emotions? This series does exactly that and in such an engaging fashion that my child is able to absorb its meaning and appreciate the important messages inherent in the books.

Thank you Flip For Joy for bringing lots of joy into our family! How i wish we had such books back in those days when we were trying to learn the Chinese language. Learning would have been so much fun!!
Date of Posting: 02 October 2011
Posted By: Bernissa

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